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Show Notes:

In this first episode, I introduce myself, the intention of Courage & Spice and what the research tells us about the important purpose of self-doubt (yes, it has a use!). We talk about the relationship between our personal experience of self-doubt and what our culture stands to gain from our worries and fears. We’ll also look at The Five P’s, so you can uncover and name how you tend to respond to self-doubt.

Topics discussed:

  • How I became fascinated by Self-doubt
  • What Self-doubt is (and isn’t)
  • The purpose of Self-doubt
  • How we typically respond to Self-doubt
  • Self-doubt in the context of our culture
  • What’s coming up on Season One of Courage & Spice

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Courage & Spice

Courage & Spice is a popular podcast ALL about Self-doubt: rich conversations with folks who appear to be defying it, research-led approaches for navigating through it, and real-life stories to completely normalise your experience of it. Your host is Sas Petherick who's Master's dissertation was a qualitative study into Self-doubt. Sas is a Coach & Mentor who helps people navigate through your Self-doubt. You can read more about her work right here. Enjoy!

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