Show Notes:

Rachael Lucas self-published her first book aged 40 and it went on to sell over 130,000 copies. She has now written three romantic comedies – Sealed with a Kiss, Coming Up Roses, and Wildflower Bay, all published by Pan Macmillan. She is now a best-selling novelist who has just been nominated for a Carnegie Medal for her YA novel, The State of Grace

Rachael is also a certified coach, mindfulness and meditation teacher, and a Reiki master teacher. She also happens to be a fabulous human and we connected earlier in the year on Instagram. With her photos of life by the seaside with her partner (who is also a writer) in a rambling Victorian house full of books, children, dogs, teapots and typewriters, Rachael had me at hello! 

I also know that Rachael has an incredible story of resilience and tenacity in the face of self-doubt and I wanted to talk to her about how she got to here. For anyone who loves books and words and has a dream (like me) of ‘one day’ writing a book, this episode is just for you.

Topics discussed:

  • What its like to grow up surrounded by people who have no self-belief.
  • How to listen to the voice ‘underneath’ the self-doubt.
  • The comfort and power of book characters and words.
  • How keeping a promise to herself, changed everything.
  • How Rachael wrote her way out of a deeply unhappy marriage.
  • The moment when she realised ‘sod it’ and published her book.
  • What its like to be completely unprepared for visibility and success.
  • From self-publishing on a whim to the Carnegie Award.
  • How Rachel’s personal experience of Asperger’s led to the character of Grace.

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