Show Notes:

Randi Buckley is a coach and teacher who helps women facing big life decisions. Her signature programme is Healthy Boundaries for Kind People and it is revolutionary work. Randi has spent decades coaching Fortune 5 companies, she worked at the Chopra Centre and once acted as a stand-in for Penelope Cruz. She is also the Assistant Dean at the Concordia Language Villages, a residential language- immersion program for youth in 16 different languages where she offers program-wide training, leadership and coaching to staff from over 30 countries.

Randi is one of the wisest people I know and I wanted to chat with her about where our two worlds intersect – where self-doubt meets personal boundaries. This is a practical, philosophical and (it ended up being) quite a personal conversation about how to create safety for ourselves in relationships. As most of us are about to spend prolonged time with our loved ones, this seemed like the perfect time to get together.

Topics discussed:

  • Growing up where there was space for truth.
  • Boundaries, self-doubt and worthiness.
  • Why we don’t set boundaries.
  • How we can establish a practice of boundaries.
  • Your boundaries are a garden.
  • The difference between nice and kind.
  • How boundaries helped me heal my relationship with my Dad.
  • The first step to creating a kind and healthy boundary.

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