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Hello! Just me this week. Comparion is known as the ‘thief of joy’ but I wanted to know more about what comparison actually is, if it has a purpose, what we can learn from it, and how we can get ourselves out of the ICK it creates. So I read loads of original research about comparison and came up with a roadmap for escaping the comparison trap. Enjoy!

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Courage & Spice

Courage & Spice is a popular podcast ALL about Self-doubt: rich conversations with folks who appear to be defying it, research-led approaches for navigating through it, and real-life stories to completely normalise your experience of it. Your host is Sas Petherick who's Master's dissertation was a qualitative study into Self-doubt. Sas is a Coach & Mentor who helps people navigate through your Self-doubt. You can read more about her work right here. Enjoy!

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