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More than 1 in 10 people are likely to have a ‘disabling anxiety disorder’ at some stage in their life. There are many factors that contribute to anxiety and so many approaches that can help. I also think talking about the day to day realty of living with anxiety is incredibly helpful. So if this is something you experience, this episode is just for you.

I’m speaking with Hannah Bullivant a writer, mum, feminist and interiors stylist who has lived with anxiety her whole life. She has so much goodness to share.

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Courage & Spice

Courage & Spice is a popular podcast ALL about Self-doubt: rich conversations with folks who appear to be defying it, research-led approaches for navigating through it, and real-life stories to completely normalise your experience of it. Your host is Sas Petherick who's Master's dissertation was a qualitative study into Self-doubt. Sas is a Coach & Mentor who helps people navigate through your Self-doubt. You can read more about her work right here. Enjoy!

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