Show Notes:

Kyla Roma is a business strategist, mama of one tiny human, two dogs and a hedgehog called Ramona. Kyla has worked behind the scenes in hundreds of businesses, from six figure brands to one woman shops and she was named by HuffPost in 2017 as one of 50 must-follow entrepreneurs.

Kyla’s business started as a lifestyle blog in 2008. She became co-owner of a boutique web design agency, Freckled Nest Design, for five years until 2014, launching and teaching successful online courses and in the process uncovering what worked in business. Now Kyla runs her own six-figure marketing and business strategy business with husband Jesse Taylor, helping business owners make their brands irresistible, profitable & simple to run.

We talked about how Kyla has kept evolving over the last decade of self-employment, how she has set up her business to support living with anxiety and depression and why we never have to compare our business to someone else’s. Kyla also shares some amazing tips for how to create some strategic breathing room in your business.

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