Show Notes:

Mara Glatzel is an intuitive coach and writer who teaches women how to reclaim and celebrate their innate power and brilliance. Her work is so rich and deep and we have collaborated for years.

Mara guides women home to themselves, and believes that each and every one of us is the expert to our own experience of being a human on this planet – including how to become the vibrant, well nourished, LIT UP, creative, sexually charged, and tenderly ambitious human that you want to be.

We talk about the art and practice of how to belong to yourself. Especially if you feel so caught up in the opinions and ideas of your family, friends, colleagues or the culture at large, about who you are and what you are capable of. This is a rich and deep conversation about telling ourselves the ferocious truth, what self-compassion really looks like, and what unfolds when we are willing to trust ourselves. We also talk about the ingredients that makeup our shared, respectful and boundaried friendship for the last decade (where we have been disappointed by, felt envious of, loved and deeply supported each other).

Additional Resources:

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Courage & Spice is a popular podcast ALL about Self-doubt: rich conversations with folks who appear to be defying it, research-led approaches for navigating through it, and real-life stories to completely normalise your experience of it. Your host is Sas Petherick who's Master's dissertation was a qualitative study into Self-doubt. Sas is a Coach & Mentor who helps people navigate through your Self-doubt. You can read more about her work right here. Enjoy!

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