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Show Notes:

Liz Keifer has been a professional actor for over 30 years as well as working as a Director and Acting Coach. Liz played ‘the girlfriend’ on Happy Days, Family Ties, Cheers and 21 Jumpstreet and countless movies before securing the part of Blake Thorpe in soap opera Guiding Light where she stayed for 17 years. Liz talks about her experience of the brutal audition process, trusting your own voice (while playing a role) and being fired from jobs. She shares what this has taught her about how to become rejection proof.

Topics discussed:

  • The pressure of being ‘The Good Girl’
  • Trusting your inner knowing when the world is saying something else.
  • How no experience is wasted.
  • What failure can teach us.
  • How you can use the acting technique of creating a ‘character secret’.
  • What it feels like to be rejection proof.

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