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Show Notes:

Sara Tasker left her job as a speech and language therapist in the NHS to pursue a creative business and within a few years, she has grown her audience from 0 to over 300,000 followers. Sara is a gifted photographer and writer and she mentors other creatives through her ecourses and podcast: Hashtag Authentic. She now has ‘The Official Blue Ticks of Validation’ on both Instagram and Twitter! In our conversation, Sara shares generously and openly about the realities of ‘success’ and what she is learning about both her self-doubt and her self-belief.

Topics discussed:

  • What Sara learnt about self-belief growing up.
  • Where validation comes from.
  • How blogging has evolved.
  • How you know when you’re ready to become self-employed.
  • The meaning of money.
  • In a quickly changing world, is it more or less sustainable to have an online business?

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Courage & Spice

Courage & Spice is a popular podcast ALL about Self-doubt: rich conversations with folks who appear to be defying it, research-led approaches for navigating through it, and real-life stories to completely normalise your experience of it. Your host is Sas Petherick who's Master's dissertation was a qualitative study into Self-doubt. Sas is a Coach & Mentor who helps people navigate through your Self-doubt. You can read more about her work right here. Enjoy!

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